Specialist in cleaning commercial AC system Tokyo,Chiba, Kanagawa,Saitama
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Let us clean your commercial AC.
Specializing in Commercial AC cleaning 25,200 yen (Total) for up to a 5 horse-power AC Free estimates.
We service all AC types including central systems… We service all Our service area includes Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama We also accept orders from vendors.

Polluted water results from cleaning AC.
Stubborn microscopic dust and cigarette tar become attached to the AC heat exchanger, which the air filter doesn't remove, causes various problems including mildew, odor, water leakage, clogging of the drain hoses and results in wasted energy and the shortening the AC's life.Keep your AC longer, save energy, and have a clean and comfortable environment by cleaning your AC early.
Take apart the AC parts to clean inside. Dismantle to reveal the casing and heat exchanger. Then start actual cleaning process;
Mist the entire area including the heat exchanger with a chemical. Clean the chemical off completely with purified water. Air blow and dry water off from the heat exchanger.

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